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11-16-2009, 12:49 PM
Dear IV members
This is for my wife. Her 485 is pending with TSC. PD is EB2 India March 15 2004. Has been current since September 1. After the USCIS website update recently received Document production or Oath Ceremony status update online. And message saying a document has been sent etc.

Since she was current we thought it might be good. 30 days later nothing received. Raised SR since we didnt receive anything. The customer service rep as usual didnt know anything. Said they haldn't received anything back. They opened SR. We got response 3 weeks later.

In the response letter it says that another notice will be forthcoming to tell you to go to local ASC.

Havent received anything. Do you think right now should I again pursue after them by writing to Ombudsman etc especially since case is current? Mainly I am afraid that since the status says Document production would some IO think that the case is already approved and so stop working on that case? Please advice. Thanks in advance.