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PriyaSol 02-18-2014 11:46 AM

H1 to F1
Im on H1-b visa (living in US for 3.7 yrs - working for 2.8 yrs). I may need to take a break for a while, will be on h4 if I quit my job. During my break I would like to do masters. Im confused whether to do masters on h4 or f1.

My questions is

1.Whether I will be eligible for in-state tuition fee on F1 (I live in the same state for 3.7 yrs my job requires more travel I use to travel back and forth mon-thurs I have stayed in different locations but never lived there no relocation)

2.I wanted to continue my job after my break whether I can utilize my current H1b and get cap exemption (1.7 yrs on H1b Still have 4.3 yrs for 6yrs total)

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