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grimreaper 06-10-2009 03:40 PM

Retrogression in H1B?
Anyone following the cap count would see that H1B numbers have gone down from 45500 to 44400 in one week. Since obviously even if no one submitted an H1B applicn last week, the only way numbers could have gone down is if USCIS denied 1100 applications. Seems like a high number of rejections in one week. My guess is these numbers reflect the the RFE(impossible to reply RFEs) cases that were sent to the premium processing and a few regular processing cases that ran out their time limit and got denied. It will be funny( for the anti immigrants) to see if the Cap count numbers continue to go down and guess by sept 2010, the numbers still available in the quota would be around 60k?!?
Just another example of the ruthless and cold hearted stand that USCIS is taking towards highly* skilled immigrants.

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