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krishmunn 11-15-2012 08:56 PM

Laid off and got new job
Got laid off last month. Since I knew it was coming (basically the whole location got shut off) , I was already looking for a job and started one immediately after lay off.

Here is the problem I have --

I was working as a Technical Project Manager. The new job offered me a position of Principal Engineer. There is a small (about 12%) pay hike and it is a good domain (Health Care) . Since I was about to be laid off, I accepted it.

I am now getting calls from one of my previous Manager for a position of Project Manager (domain not too attractive).

The dillema I have is -- what looks worse in my resume -- a change of job in less than one month (if I switch to Project Manager now) OR a downgrade in my role (PM to Principal Engineer) if I decide to continue in current role for a year or so ? How difficult would it be to get back to PM role ?

Anybody faced similar situation ?

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