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deba 12-16-2007 02:42 PM

Administrative fixes post I-140
I just thought I would ask a question on post I-140 administrative fixes.
As far as I know, the ability to apply for AOS even when PD is not current is/was on IV's agenda. For example applying for EAD/AP benefits for self/derivative etc. when I-140 is approved even though the PD is not current. This issue may have been put on the back burner because most members might have already applied for AOS. This will however help a lot of folks and their derivatives who missed the boat in July/07 and those who are currently waiting on labor approvals.

I know the focus right now is on the Omnibus provisions. I believe this particular situation does not need a legislative fix rather an administrative fix from INS. Can any senior member comment on this? Much appreciated.

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anilsal 12-16-2007 02:49 PM

IV is not pursuing just legislative fixes to the issue, but also in the long run wants administrative fixes.

IV is pushing for relief. How the political circles change is sometime beyond IV's control?

Please go ahead and register yourself with your state chapter and you can discuss the latest with your chapter leader. :)

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