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logiclife 01-16-2007 12:55 AM

Should you be doing this? Making Contributions?

Immigration Voice is starting a feature for recurring contributions per month. You can sign up for $20 or $50 or $100 contributions per month and a secure paypal transaction will deduct this amount each month and contribute to Immigration Voice.

The question is, why should you contribute and what are the stakes? We have seen no reform from congress the entire year of 2006, so what is the point now? These are the questions, right? Is it even legal? What is the oversight of funds?

I will try to answer all these questions below and if you have more, please feel free to ask over the phone or on this thread.

1. Is it legal to contribute or participate?

Yes. Absolutely. We have seen that reason as a number one fundraising killer. Everything done
by immigration voice is absolutely legal. See more here: d=48

2. Is the money well spent?

Most of our expenses account for lobbying fees. This is a non-profit and
no one here is out to make money. Everyone here running this is a retrogression/backlog victim. See the bios of
members and founders here: d=49

If you still have questions, call us at 850-391-4966. We would rather have you call us and question us rather than not call and not contribute. We are not here to run a scam. This organization is registered in New Jersey, and the non-profit tax status is pending with IRS.

3. Is it worth it?

Well, do you want a greencard in this life-time? Yes? Then its worth every penny of your contribution. Otherwise you are wasting your time here on this website.

4. Why cant big businesses, corporations contribute here or lobby on their own?

Well, do you want to wait for someone to help you out? What if that does not happen and legal immigration reform is dropped again? Do you want to risk it? If you do then you are wasting your time reading this.

We are trying to get corporate sponsorship for this effort but cannot completely rely on them.

5. Why lobbying?

We cannot cannot cannot in a million years do this without lobbying.

We have retained the help of professional top firm in Washington for our advocacy efforts in Washington, DC. The firm has a strong reputation and value-added experience to help us achieve our goals of solving the backlog and retrogression problems.

Working with professional advocacy group(lobbying firm) is only one way we are advancing Immigration Voice’s goals. While we are advocating for reform on these important issues in Washington, D.C., we need your help now more than ever – and you can help us in your city.

6. Why me?

Well, if you are here checking this website everyday, you are just about as worried about your greencard as the next guy who contributed. If you think that "Others" will contribute and reach goals, that is very unlikely to happen. If it does, and you see this org succeed without your contribution, then congrats to you. But then, for every member or visitor of this website who read forums everyday, wishes good luck, prays for success of Immigration Voice and DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE $$ thinking that "One non-contributor will be barely missed" we have a potential contribution not coming. And that is a majority as of now. Out of 8000 plus registered members and hundreds of more visitors, less than 2000 have contributed.

7. What's to lose?

Well, make a $50 contribution/month and that's one month's cable. Make it a $100 and that is 3 dinners outside with your partner. Make that $200 and that is one long weekend out the window. Is that all too much to lose compared to potential failure of immigration voice in raising funds?

Think about all consequences and make up your mind.

That being said let me sincerely thank people who have
already contributed and also mention that a handful of contributors have made over
$1,000 contributions or more so far in cash on top of volunteering time and effort.

Let's begin contributing...Click here to sign up now.

Advantages of Monthly recurring contributions for the Organization:

With recurring contributions, Immigration Voice can plan and make a budget for the advocacy efforts in advance before the actual resources are needed.

Payments are secured thru paypal. You can stop the recurring payments at any time in future by simply logging in into your paypal account and stopping it. Once you signup, all the details of your recurring payment would be sent to you in email by paypal so that you can save it for your records.

Payments are processed by withdrawal of funds from your chosen credit/debit card or paypal account once each month.

Please sign up and strengthen our hands. Click here to sign up now.

The goal is to have a total of 2000 contributors for recurring contributions in the next 1 month. Trust me, this is not difficult given the numbers we have even today. 8400 members, $ 200,000 raised so far. We can do much much much better than that.

However, do the math. Some people have contributed more than 500. That
means that with 200,000 coming from 1800 members, some have contributed
nothing. Well, I understand the fears and apprehensions people have with new
organizations asking for money and I am going to address all those
questions and answer them one by one. So that the only reasons left after
that for not contributing would be excuses. (unless you have another which case, call us at our number 850-391-4966)


kvrr 01-16-2007 06:42 AM

Signed up for $100/month recurring payment. Thanks for setting this up.

anurakt 01-16-2007 07:50 AM

Pledge + signed up for 100$ monthly
If you remember that I had pledged $1000 in last 20$ campaign and you guys could only shell out $500 out of me...which means that I still have a block of $500 which was not spent for IV in the past. Here is my next pledge :

" I will donate a lumpsum amount of $500 when we have the following level of monthly contribution and verified by IV core members :
200 members for 20$ and 100 members for $50 and 20 members for $100 , there is no date restriction attached this time , but I hope that it's done in this month, I call upon the members who can take this challenge and take that $500 from my pocket this time"

Note : Kvrr has signed for $100 and I will sign up for another $100 , which means we have only 18 members to go for $100 monthly to finish one piece of my pledge.

anurakt 01-16-2007 08:11 AM

Signed up for $100 monthly
Ok . I too signed up for $100 monthly

20$ : 200 to go.
50$ : 100 to go
100$ : 18 to go.

let's keep the count going forward.

glus 01-16-2007 08:18 AM

Signed up for $20 per month. That's all I can do now. Hope that it will help.

sam2006 01-16-2007 08:21 AM

50$ sign up from me

and 20$ will come biweekly

user2005 01-16-2007 10:42 AM

signed up for $20/month.

pappu 01-16-2007 10:44 AM

Thank you Anurakt and others that have signed up. Anurakt I am sure this time our members will take up your challange and make you pay $500

GCBy3000 01-16-2007 11:10 AM

I have already
I have already signed up through my bank to send $20 everymonth to IV. It will also have memo with my name gcby3000.

So you can count me against $20.

GCBy3000 01-16-2007 11:14 AM

This thread is not
I visited this site three times this morning and this thread subject did not attact me at all. Fourth time since I ran out of all issues, I thought to open this up to see what it is.

Surprised to see it is created by IV core for an important issue. I would suggest to change the subject to a catchy one to prompt the users to open it or put this in home page somewhere eye catching.

pappu 01-16-2007 11:17 AM

All pls update your profile information wth your full details so that IV may contact you whenever needed. We had several hundred bounced emails today when we sent out our first round of newsletter for this drive.

logiclife 01-16-2007 11:44 AM

We got over 500 bounced emails
We sent out a newsletter last night and out of 8400 emails, we have nearly 250 bounced back.

Emails like are obviously bogus emails.

See, I can understand the reason for that, you dont want spam. But we send out newsletter less than 2-3 times a month. And we dont sell information.

So please update your email addresses. So that we can reach you when we send out action alerts like "Call or webfax this or that congressional office".


abcdefgh 01-16-2007 12:21 PM

Please confirm
Date of sign up: Jan. 16, 2007
Subscription Name: Secure $20 Per Month Recurring Contribution
Subscription Number: S-92E2356024336193V

Can you confirm?

pappu 01-16-2007 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by abcdefgh
Date of sign up: Jan. 16, 2007
Subscription Name: Secure $20 Per Month Recurring Contribution
Subscription Number: S-92E2356024336193V

Can you confirm?

pls update your profile so that we can confirm.

godbole_sanjaya 01-16-2007 12:52 PM

$20 per month from me too
Here I go. Included myself for monthly payment.

Can you please confirm the reciept of the same?

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