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ramhs 07-01-2007 08:22 PM

Why is the rush to get applications in by July2nd?
As I understand , either there would be no bulletin revision(currently appearing impossible) or there would be a bulletin revision making some categories unavailable , in which case it doesnt matter even if your application has made it on July 2nd it will be returned. So why is the rush to get applications by mail/fedex/samedaydelivery/inpersondelivery/etc ?
Or is the rush to deliver only for those applicants with PDs in 2002-2004 who are hoping that their PD will make it in the new bulletin if it is not unavailable? I see no reason for the rush which seems to have increased after the rumor about the new bulletin on friday ...(although I personally asked my lawyer to send it on friday 6/29 and for which I have no confirmation if it was actually sent or not).

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