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Steve555 10-05-2007 02:05 AM

L1 getting married to a Green Card Holder
Dear members,

I am in the US since 2006 on L1 (Blanket) Visa and working for an Indian IT company at Client Sites. My fiance has got Greencard and it will take four more years for her to become a citizen. If I get married can I continue to be in the US if my L1 gets expired (L1 expires on 2009) .

I have heard that if a person currently residing in US on non-immigrant visas like L1 gets married to a greencard holder,he can start his GC processing and he can get an EAD (just after marriage) and continue to stay and work here. Is this correct? If so how much time it would take for me to get an EAD

If the above info is not correct then what would be the best possible way for me to continue here..Your replies are much wanted for me...Please give in your valuable suggestions..

Many Thanks in Advance,

jthomas 10-05-2007 02:41 AM

L1 married green card
hi steve,

there is nothing such as the non-immigrant can start his green card. I myself is in H1B and got married to green card. I had asked the lawyers at visapro the same question by paying the consulatancy fee. Their reply was, As per the uscis website the person can file I-130 after getting married to green card but the backlog on K visa or V visa is 2001. The immigration authorities does not give a prompt reply for questions regarfing K visa or V visa. you have to be in L1 visa and if your visa gets expired you have to go back to your home country. After she becomes a citizen she can apply for a green card for you within 90 days. In fact after she comes a citizen it takes around 6-9 months more for you to come from your home country back to US.

bottom line :- backlog does not allow. u need to keep your visa current. May think about J1 visa or some other visa since she earns money

BMS1 10-05-2007 08:04 AM

This is one 'minor' (or major on some cases) benefit being in the non-approved state for green card especially for bachelors. You can immediately bring in your spouse as opposed to green card holder who will be left wringing hands and wondering how long it is going to take to have his/her spouse with them. When the date retrogresses, the bachelors can take some time to look for spouse and need not be very anxious about getting approved before marriage.
When this small advantage was pointed out by attorney Sheela Murthy when the rerogression set in last time, some people here, were mad at her. Sheela Murthy does not control retrogression but she can keep the mood in a slightly better condition, at least for bachelors, by pointing out the small benefits like these.

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