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s416504 10-02-2016 03:40 AM

Easiest way to get a new I-94
Our Green Card is pending since Jul-2007.
Last we visited to India 2 year ago & got I-94 that time.
We have valid EAD/Advance Parole & wanted new I-94.

I heard Driving to Toronto, Canada is not going to help to get new I-94 unless we stay there for more than 30 days.
Same thing with fling but not sure if this is true.

We need New I-94. What is easiest way to get that?
Appreciate quick help

s416504 10-17-2016 08:59 AM

Here is my experience..
Crossed nearest Canada border by road over weekend and returned back with New I-94 stamped in.
By default US Custom Border Protection (CBP) don't issue new I-94 unless some one is out in Canada for more than 30 days but CBP can issue new I-94 if you request for with secondary inspection. CBP may charge $10-$20 Fee

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