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john_jony 12-07-2015 02:23 PM

new rules ?
Hi - Thanks for the interview waiver programs details above .. did not know this was a thing.

I have a few question since I am learning about the stamplng process even more. Back in the day, we used to just apply for H1 / 797 renewal and then go to local consulate and get it stamped. In my case, my last stamping was in jan 2012 and after that I continued here with approved 140 and had h1 extended every 3 yrs.

1. Can I go to Canada and get it stamped ? I saw the rules in this thread about canadian visa, their recent visa on arrival for indians annoucement, get the visa stamped there and re-enter usa and so on .. but is that doable or one has to go back to india only to get it stamped?

2. The interview waiver program sounds good but how much time does it take for the team stanley drop off thingy? If that does not get approved in 2-3 weeks vacation time, interview is better? How much time does it take for that in Mumbai currently? It seems one requirement of interview waiver is 48 months visa which in my case valid visa stamping was in feb 2012 but since then h1 is extended with valid 94..

Any ideas or information would be useful .. Thanks a lot in advance..

H1BForeverNoGC 08-08-2016 08:23 AM

H1b stamping - Canada or Mexico or Bahamas?
Hello all,

I need to get my visa stamping done and cannot travel to India to get that done. The few options that I am aware are Bahamas, Canada or Mexico.

Any thoughts on preferences and why?

Thank you in advance.

nileshjoshi78 11-07-2016 01:53 PM

Lost H4 I797 Approval Notice
We got my H1B and my wife and kid's H4 visa extended this year (for an year). However, we seem to have misplaced my wife's H4 I797 document original.


1. Is wife's H4 approval notice mandatory while applying for H1B/H4 extension for next year?
2. While getting H4 stamped in India, would the physical I797 for my wife be required or my H1B extension I797 document is sufficient?
3. USCIS seems to charge sky-high fees of $460 which is another pain requesting for a duplicate of I797.

I would highly appreciate any help/guidance in this regard.


s2s1 04-08-2018 07:10 PM

H4 visa denied due to fraud or misrepresentation (it affected husband H1 visa too)
My Wife went for H4 visa interview in Delhi consulate.
We did Arya Samaj marriage in Ghaziabad.
She got nervous in interview and gave wrong answer for few questions.
They denied her H4 visa and mentioned reason as fraud or misrepresentation because they believed that marriage didn't happen.
They forced her to write on paper that marriage didn't happen.
After 3 days i got email that my H1 visa is also cancelled.
Can you please suggest me why H1 visa was cancelled and what should be the best course of action for me in this situation.

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