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vmb7 07-01-2014 07:18 PM

RFE on 485
Hello all,
Here is my situation. Any help and insight on this issue is much appreciated.

I was an employee of Comp A (my I-140 petitioning employer) from last 7 yrs until a couple of months back. The company has a 'Successor in Interest' Comp B now. I am on the payroll of Comp B from Feb 2014. Comp A still exists but I am not on their payroll anymore. The company provided a 'Assumption of Liabilities' document. Is this document enough or I need to provide any additional documentation to support my case? Is there a risk or chance of any additional RFE's because of the change in employment situation? The company has not filed an AC21 to this date. Can responding to this RFE with the change in my employment situation be considered equivalent to filing AC21? I have filed for 485 in 2012 and have EAD for over 2 years now. I am expecting my date to be current in the next bulletin.

Please share your experiences.

Thanks in advance,

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