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greyhair 08-06-2010 08:54 PM


Originally Posted by Johnny26 (Post 1976300)
I do agree on what you say.It should be the parents not the kids.

And what about children of those who arrived here legally. If a legal immigrant is waiting for 15 years, his child is deprived of every opportunity you seem to advocate for the children of the undocumented. That child waiting for 15 years is living through worst times because that child is stuck in the limbo, not knowing what he/she can or cannot do.

I do not have anything against children of the undocumented, infact, I do not have anything against any child PERIOD. All that I am saying is, if you are doing something for the children of the undocumented, why not grant the similar fairness for the children of legal immigrants. But HELL NO. Senator Durbin hates my child, as if my child does not deserve the same opportunity. Dream act is not making the dream of the children of the undocumented, it is depriving the children of legal immigrants of their dreams. Why is it so difficult to apply similar benefits to the children of legal immigrants?

teachamerica07 08-06-2010 09:10 PM

I agree with you grey hair. My daughter came here when she was 7. Now she is 17; about to enter college, stuck in the immigration limbo with pending I- 485 .

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