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arc 02-01-2008 02:37 PM

Pappu You are Right!
In my previous posts I had said IV should take initiative in posting questions these Debates were early on when Anderson Cooper held his first youtube debate, I agree if everyone post their own question then it de-chanalize the effort.

You might want to think a way and we will back you up!

Still those who framed and posted was brave and not bad at all, I beleive more H1B will not hurt as well, plus when we say in the questions that 8-10 years in line for GC they are intelligent enough to understand its about more GC and not H1Bs.

Pls. spearhead this effort in making more relevant questions and I am sure whole community will back u up.


Originally Posted by pappu (Post 219079)
Immigration problem = undocumented immigrants.

This is a general perception.

When you try to talk about high skilled or legal immigrants

Legal high skilled immigration issue = More H1B

So you see this is the problem and we as a community should share the blame for not making the greencard issue important for lawmakers. We continue to discuss and complain on retrogression, visa bulletins and immigration problems on the forums that no lawmaker or agency will read and help us.

Nobody in the corridors of DC will really listen to us unless we tell them our problems. Unless this issue becomes a national issue such that politicians careers can be affected by their positions on this issue, it will never be a part of a presidential debate.

If only few people out of about a million high skilled immigrants in this country write letters to the president, do you really think this issue and the provisions will be considered important?

If only few people contribute in the past one month or sign up for monthly contributions, do you think we can lobby hard enough?

If only 2 members from the entire Michigan chapter work hard on the Drivers license issue and take a day off for it, do you think state will understand the true nature of the problem if Driver license is denied to legal immigrants?

Our issues have a solution and we alone can solve it if we want to. There is no need to look elsewhere. The strength is within us. It is just a matter of willingness to do something about it.

va_dude 02-01-2008 04:15 PM

I dont think we can sue cnn or politico just because our question didnt get asked. They never made any guarantees, so there's no basis for us at als.

We also need to realize that a pool of half a million legal immigrants stuck in the path to residency is a very small number. In fact, out of the half a million or so, at least 10-20% of them might have labor priority dates in 2006 and 2007, and for these folks it's only been 2 years, which makes the pool even smaller. The candidates just wont be responding to specifics about legal immigration, whatever solution does come our way will be part of a large CIR bill probably in 2009.

gjoe 02-01-2008 06:12 PM

No we can't sue CNN but we can sue USCIS for other reasons
There was no surety that they would ask our question though it was popular. But the presidential candiates campaign staff read these and prepare the candidates before these debates. This is a very good time that they tune in to what they are educated on, just in case these kind of question comeup they should be able to handle it without looking lost. Campaign time is the only time they have to atleast try understanding to some extent what people are asking them. When they are in office they can just put it to the back burner since it is not priority for them. I would say that our efforts were not a waste.
If we want we can sue USCIS because we have been kept waiting for no credible reason other than the reason visa not available ( but they have been criminally wasting EB visas from each years quota) and the background check is not completed ( when the person is inside the US and FBI is doing checks for 2-3 yrs it doesn't really mitigate any risk in terms of national security). We can file a case and fight but the chances of winning is not very good because we are fighting a govt agency and we are not citizens. But we can get lot of publicity no matter how the case is settled.


Originally Posted by sumavenkatappa (Post 219165)
I didn't watch the debate. But, if they've not asked that question though it was one of the popular ones, then can we sue the website for misleading people? Does most popular mean that the question WILL be asked to the candidate or its just info on the website? The person who started this thread could u pls answer that? If the website didn't do anything about that question, then my point is WE MUST SUE THEM. Atleast via that route, we can gain some publicity and stress about the force of IV. We shudn't lose out on any opportunity to make people aware of IV and what we are fighting against. Just becoz that question was not asked to the candidate, it dozn't make sense to stay quiet and not asking WHY. Can we ask them WHY the question was not asked though it was one of the most popular ones? If the answer is not satisfying, then CAN WE sue the website for wasting our time??? Some admin needs to look into this ASAP.

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