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forever_waiting 04-08-2011 12:41 PM

Like some else pointed out on a different thread, if you came to the advocacy event earlier this week, like 150 of us did - you will be amazed at the amount of preparation and money that goes into organizing such a major event. A proper "Situation Room" was rented at a major hotel near Capitol Hill, advocacy packets printed and prepared neatly for 150 participants (6-10 folders for EACH lawmaker office), breakfast/snacks for all IV members who were visiting, a major Congressional reception which was attended by a few Congressmen themselves!!

It is shameful if we first expect others to do the work for us (some of these "others" are folks with green cards!) and then expect them to do it for free???!!
I used to have doubts donating and about the donor forum in the past but having seen the work and money being put in (on lobbying and organizing such annual events) in person I am ashamed I even had such doubts in the past. Come to the advocacy events and you will get all the transparency you need.

by the way, it was only due to the advocacy day that all one-time contributions were dedicated to pay bills for this major event. I made a one time contribution and spent $600 to travel there but am ok with IV making the donor forum open to recurrng contributors only since all the above activities are not Free.I am myself becoming a recurring contributor going forward after seeing the efforts being put in.

- Wanted to add that the 150+ of us who were there at the advocacy event were not just representing just us folks who were attending meetings. We were representing ALL of us including folks who were not there or who are in the impacted EB community but do not believe in IV's efforts. During the 4-5 days, there was not a single mention of EB2 vs EB3 or Donor vs Non-Donor. We were all just speaking about "all impacted high skilled immigrants" who are stuck in this backlog. So those of you who are sceptical and are suspicious of IV, we happily represented you too because all of us truly believe that the entire community deserves relief. And whenever the fix comes (and I hope that day comes soon), we will all be out of this mess.

Originally Posted by snathan (Post 2503799)
Not only day-to-day operations...have to spend lot of money for lobbying.

Leo07 04-08-2011 12:44 PM

I understand your frustration...

I understand your frustration.

Firstly, IMHO, calling our contributions to IV as a donation is not the right word. I think IV must reword Donation to something else, so that people don't feel like they are doing a charity.

Secondly, fwiw, I can vouch for IV and guarantee you that there's no cheating here and nobody is stealing your money. There was no fine-print anywhere. There could be a lapse on some individuals, but that's understandable as everyone is like you & me working full-time elsewhere on a VISA in this country.

Lastly, folks have just come back from hectic advocacy days, give them a week to look at your issue. I'm sure there would be a way-around. fwiw, I'm waiting for my account to be enabled as well:)



Originally Posted by waiting2007 (Post 2494161)
Just to let you folks know that to get access to donor forum you should have recurring donations. I didn't know that...May it is somewhere in fine prints which I forget to check..Anyway good luck.

Here is the email I got when I request access...
Admins said that only monthly recurring donations qualify for Donor access. These start at $25 a month. once thats done if you are interested:
Please send the following details to
IV username:
Ph #
City and State of residence:
Pay pal receipt date:
Transaction / subscription #:
Date of payment:
One time or recurring donations: Recurring

These requests are manually approved by StarSun/Admins and unfortunately most of them are probably in DC, quite busy with Advocacy days happening over the next 4 days. There will probably be some delay

tonyHK12 04-08-2011 01:16 PM

Even now we have less than 500 monthly contributors funding the Advocacy campaign, every year, out of a pool of close to 500,000 in the queue
Less than 350 contributed to our Advocacy days this week


Originally Posted by snathan (Post 2503799)
Not only day-to-day operations...have to spend lot of money for lobbying.

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