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stan1IV 04-30-2015 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by abhi_2753 (Post 3576186)
I am working for company A for last 4+ years. My 140 is approved & recently got 3 years of extension based on 140( after 6 yr completion). I want to transfer my H1 to company B.
I dont have 140 approval with me but I have 140 # with me.

Question - while H1 transfer do I need to have 140 approval or 140 receipt# is sufficient?


Originally Posted by HCS (Post 3581774)

I'm in similar boat. Did you get any response here or from other sources?
Can you pl share whether you could port date with only I-140# or not?

Thanks for your time

Hope you would have done this already, if not or for other looking.

We can get I140 approved copy from USCIS using FOIA. Google I140 FOIA.

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