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U.S. Faces Severe Worker Shortage in Future Print E-mail
From Yahoo

WASHINGTON - The United States faces a severe worker shortage in the near future, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said Wednesday in advocating better education for Americans and changes in immigration law to allow in more foreign workers.

Chamber President and CEO Thomas Donohue, at a news conference outlining business prospects in 2006, said the country is ill-prepared to deal with the impending retirement of 77 million baby boomers.

"We have yet to secure an adequate supply of working taxpayers to run a growing economy and support an explosion of retirees," he said in his organization's report on the state of U.S. business.

Donohue said that working to pass new immigration law that includes a guest worker program will be among the Chamber's top legislative priorities in the new year. He said the Chamber opposed a bill passed by the House in December, which tightens border security and requires employers to verify the legal status of workers but does not address the guest worker issue.

He dismissed as a "crummy argument" criticisms that the business community wants a guest worker program to secure access to cheap labor. "What American companies want is labor, and we are going to be significantly without it," Donohue said.

The Senate is expected to take up the immigration issue next month, and Donohue said his group will be "working to obtain a bill that provides the workers and is in keeping without our legacy as a welcoming nation."

Donohue said the Chamber has traditionally stayed out of school reform at the state and local level, but has changed its thinking in a global environment where China graduates eight times, and India five times, as many engineers as the United States.

He said the Chamber plans to measure and rank the performance of state school systems, with the aim of helping businesses decide where to locate. The Chamber is also working with other business organizations to double the number of math, science and engineering graduates by 2015.

Donohue said that among the business group's other legislative goals this year will be passing legislation to shore up pension plans, finding a solution to the asbestos litigation crisis, promoting health savings accounts and other new approaches to reducing the number of those without health insurance, and opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Outer Continental Shelf to environmentally sound oil and gas exploration.

U.S. Chamber:
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Immigration Voice is pleased to announce the introduction of blogs in our website. Through the use of this exciting new media, we hope to bring to our users, the latest relevant information like Breaking News, Calls for action, etc.

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Immigration Voice Print E-mail

Immigration Voice is a national non-profit organization (501 (c) (4)) working to alleviate the problems faced by legal high-skilled future Americans in the United States. We petition the legislative and executive branches of the US Federal government to find solutions to high-skilled green card backlogs..

Important Facts about Skilled Immigration Print E-mail

CFR Independent Task Force on Immigration Policy 2009 - Page 20: Continuing to attract highly skilled immigrants is critical to the competitiveness of the U.S. economy, and to America’s ability to remain the world’s leader in innovation.....

American Competitiveness and future Americans

Skilled workers are a small minority of U.S. legal immigrants. Of the 1,062,040 legal immigrants in 2011, only 12% were skilled employment-based immigrants. About 40% of these skilled immigrants had advanced degrees, or 5 or more years of experience after a baccalaureate degree....

N.Y. Senators Are Pushed on Immigration Print E-mail
From The New York Sun Times

Immigration advocates in New York are stepping up pressure on Senator Clinton and Senator Schumer, saying they have been disappointed in the lawmakers for their low profiles on the issue.

While members of Congress from across the country have weighed in on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform, proposing legislation and speaking out against restrictive measures, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Schumer have been relatively silent, to the dismay of community leaders in New York.

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