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Tom Delay's resignation and implications on immigration Print E-mail

House Majority leader Tom Delay has resigned and will not seek the Majority post until next year. See here:

The house republicans will move to start working on electing a new house majority leader. Tom Delay was considered to be anti-immigration that tightened immigration laws according to anti-immigration organizations like He voted in favor of HR 4437 that is a nightmare for illegal immigration but does not address the ones already here illegally. And no, there is no mention of legal immigration facing backlogs in this bill either. Just enforcement to crackdown on illegal immigration. Voting "Yes" by any congressman on HR 4437 should not be construed as either supporting or opposing the legal immigration and/or retrogression relief.

There are 3 house members likely to seek the position and replace Tom Delay:

1. Roy Blunt (Missouri's 7th District).

Roy Blunt has gotten poor grades from Anti-immigration orgs. However he voted to support HR 4437 that deals will illegal immigration. His views on legal immigration are unpredictable at best.

2. John Boehner (Ohio's 8th District).

John Boehner has scored poor grades like Roy Blunt on immigration issues from Anti-immigration sites. However he too has voted to support HR 4437. His views on legal kind of immigration are again unknown at best.

3. Jeff Flake (Arizona's 6th District). 

This is interesting. Jeff Flake is considered against immigration by Anti-immigration orgs. He got 100% marks by their grading system (God only knows how that grading system works on, but whatever). He also voted to support HR 4437.

However he has co-sponsored a bill along with Ted Kennedy, Joe Lieberman, Sam Brownback, Jim Kolbe etc that deals comprehensively with immigration problem in this country, both the legal and the illegal variety. See that here:

Title VI describes proposals for retrogression relief.

Jeff Flake is one of the saner and more pragmatic voices in immigration debate. While he wants to crackdown on the illegal variety, he also understands the other reform need in other areas of immigration.

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