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03/11/2009 - Action Item: TV interview opportunity - North-East US| Read More
03/08/2009 - Action Item: Funding Drive for FOIA $10,000 | Read More
03/06/2009 - Action Item: IV action item: fax FOIA letters from USCIS | Read More
Team IV at Chevron Houston 5K on 01/18/2009 | Read More

Great Team IV representing all of us at

NolaIndian, Needhelp! and other IV members are representing Immigration Voice this weekend January 18, 2009 in Houston, Texas at the Houston Chevron 5K. This is part of inspiring and successful effort lead by NolaIndian to raise funds for Immigration Voice. Please relay your best wishes to Team IV here | Read More

New IV Feature : Weekly Attorney Chat | Read More


IV action item - Write to USCIS on recent spate of I485 denials in AC21 cases. | Read More

US Housing Crisis and Employment based Green Card issues | Read More

IV Chat | Read More | IV Blogs | Read More


Action Item: Call Lawmakers Campaign HR 5882, HR 5921 & HR 6039 |  Read More | Give me High Five Campaign | Open letter to Congress by  Industry Leaders | Update HR5882 | Call Call Call


FREE answers to questions from an Immigration Lawyer | Read more

5/16/2008: Action Item: HR 5882, HR 5921 & HR 6039 |  Read More



5/16/2008: Update: Murry amendment passes by Voice vote in the Senate Appropriations Committee | Read More


5/13/2008: Update: HR 6039 introduced to exempt STEM degree applicants from numerical limits | Read More



5/2/2008: Update Administrative Fix | Read More



4/30/2008: Update: HR 5921 Introduced to eliminate per country limits | Read More | Support  Bills to address EB backlog | Campaign Flyers | More Flyers


4/24/2008 : Bi-partisan bill introduced to recapture unused EB numbers | Read More | Support Recapture of Visas


4/6/2008 : Announcing the launch of Team IV | Read More


3/29/2008 : IV Tracker Feature added to Main Menu. For more information see : IV Tracker


3/28/2008 : Successful Campaign for Administrative fixes | Read More


3/26/2008 : Administrative Fixes Update | March 26, 2008 update  | Read More about the campaign | Track


2/6/2008 : Name check not required for I-485 approval if pending >180 days | Read More


1/9/2008 : Express your support for Immigration Voice | Read More


Banned on IV ? Read More


FREE EB Immigration Advice from a Lawyer | Read more | Hear the Recording

Contributions : Financial contributions are important for the organization to run this website and to finance the advocacy activities in Washington DC. Members and visitors have the option to contribute a small amount each month without manually doing it every time, or make one-time contributions. | Video Message | Read More...

 >>>>Additional News items, archives, past announcements... 

Immediate Action ItemsLong Term Action Items

1. Send Webfaxes to House Members!
Status: Last Completed Date : Jun 22nd, 2007

Send webfax l.

5. Contributions

Immigration Voice has a steep target of raising funds in a very short period of time from its members.

If you have not contributed please contribute. If you have already contributed, consider contributing again. Convince at least one more person to contribute.

2. Phone Campaign

Status: Last Completed Date : Jun 22nd, 2007

6. Media Drive

If you have a media contact or idea, please send an email to info at with Media Contact in the subject header.

3. Internal Conference Calls
Status: Last Completed Date : April 14th, 2007

Stay tuned for future volunteer and member information conference calls. 

 7. Peaceful Rally in San Jose
Status: Completed                          

High skilled immigrants are organising peaceful rally in San Jose on July 14th. Please visit Peaceful rally at San Jose thread for more informaton.

 4. Membership Drive
Status : ONGOING

15,000, Members as of Date: Jul 07, 2007.

We are trying to reach a goal of 20,000 members before the end of 2007. Send an email to info at with Membership Drive in the subject header.

Members are encouraged to use the tool on
'invite friends' page to send emails to their friends informing them about Immigration Voice.

 8. Flower Campaign
Status: Last Completed Date : July 12th, 2007

We are requesting all members to send flowers to USCIS on July 10th. Please send flowers to one person, at the same address in DC with one message -

"Kindly do not return our I-485 petitions in July and honor the original DOS visa bulletin.
[name] - An employment based immigrant."


Emilio T. Gonzalez
20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20529
Phone number: 202-307-1565

Please visit Flower Campaign thread for more information.

State Chapters: Status: ONGOING
See how you can organize events locally and meet up with other members of Immigration voice in your city or state. Read More...

National Advisory Board

Neil Patel Neil Patel
Former Domestic & Economic Policy Advisor to VP
Robert Hoffman Robert Hoffman
Senior Vice President of ITI
Ilya Shapiro Ilya Shapiro
Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies, CATO Institute



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