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Online address change tool from USCIS

You can change address online on USCIS website here. This link is online AR 11 Form. Key points which may help you:

  1. Have all information needed for AR 11 handy.
  2. Have receipt notices for all pending application. Example I-485, Application for EAD, AP etc.
  3. Fill in online AR-11 information on above link and accept the page.
  4. Save PDF version AR-11 form. Also print if for your records.
  5. Find link for Next Step If you have any other applications or petitions pending with USCIS, please click to Create another Online Change of Address.
  6. Fill this form every application you have pending. Usually we would have only I-485 pending application. Take a print out of confirmation for every application.
  7. It is recommended that you send (post) a copy of these confirmation receipts to your lawyer for records keeping.

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