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EAD Renewals

Efiling EAD with USCIS
FAQ on EAD answered by USCIS

Conquering EAD Renewal Maze
60th day since receipt notice step
1) If EAD receipt notice > 60 days and your EAD will expire 2 weeks, get a letter from your HR that you will be terminated (some companies, terminate and rehire, so this is an option, but again if you think its risky don’t do it) and fax it or email it via your attorney to USCIS
70th day since receipt notice step
2) Contact your 2 State Senators and your representative. You can find who your congress person is from http://www.contactingthecongress.org/ . You will need to write a request letter with your receipt number, notice & receipt dates, and alien number, current ead expiration date, sign the privacy release forms, copies of i-485 and i-765 application notices. Fax and mail it to them. Call to confirm they've received it the same afternoon or next day (you are usually assigned an immigration case worker at the office) 2a) Get a letter from your manager that this will be a financial loss to your company (if applicable) and FAX it to your processing center.
75th day since receipt notice step
3) a) Call USCIS at 1-800-375-5283 and give the applicable reasons. Only financial loss as the reason doesnt seem to work for some people, so have additional applicable reasons (close to 90 days, health insurance loss, emergency if you're losing your license). b) Write a letter to USCIS, and fax it to the above numbers. c) FedEX overnight the letter with supporting documents (can be done on the 74th day) d) email scanned documents to your service center
80th day since receipt notice step
4) Call USCIS back and ask them about your Expedite Request, Call your Senator and Congress persons offices to follow up
85th day since receipt notice step
5) Fix an INFOPASS appointment with the local office at https://infopass.uscis.gov/info_en.php for the 90th day
90th day since receipt notice step
a) attend the Infopass interview and have the IO call the service center. They don't issue interim EADs anymore, but can help with status check b) send an email to cisombudsman@dhs.gov (more info at www.dhs.gov/cisombudsman) c) send another set of fax, letter, email and call USCIS saying its past 90 days (and that you're no longer working if applicable)
95th day or above - repeat all of the above!!!

Service Center Fax and Email Info
California Service Center: 1-949-389-8070 and 1-949-389-8689 and csc-ncsc-followup@dhs.gov
Vermont Service Center : 1-802-527-4816 and vsc.ncscfollowup@dhs.gov
Nebraska Service Center: 1-402-219-6344 and 1-402-219-6171 and ncscfollowup.nsc@dhs.gov
Texas Service Center: 1-214-962-2632 and tsc.ncscfollowup@dhs.gov

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