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What is HR 5882?

HR 5882 is a bipartisan bill introduced in the 110th congress jointly by Rep. Zoe Lofgren [D-CA] and Rep. James Sensenbrenner [R-WI]. This bill recaptures employment-based immigrant visas lost due to bureaucratic delays and it prevents loss of family- and employment-based immigrant visas (green card) in the future.

Summary of HR 5882

The bill was introduced on 4/23/2008, and it had 31 co-sponsors.

HR 5882 amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to establish the fiscal year worldwide level of employment-based immigrants at 140,000 plus: (1) the previous year's unused visas; and (2) the number of unused visas from FY1992-FY2007.

HR 5882 establishes the fiscal year worldwide level of family-sponsored immigrants at 480,000 minus the number of certain aliens not subject to direct numerical limitations plus: (1) the previous year's unused visas; and (2) the number of unused visas from FY1992-FY2007. States that such annual level shall not be less than 226,000.

Compete text of the legislation

What does HR 5882 accomplish?

The current wait time for some of the categories (especially EB3) for employment-based immigrant visas range from 5-10 years. The additional visas due to the recapture of unused visas from FY 1992- FY 2007 would reduce the wait times for all categories by few years. Also it provides provision to prevent wasting visas in the future for both family- and employment-based immigrant visas.

Current Status

The bill was filibustered by the Republican House Judiciary Committee members, primarily Rep. Steve King [R-IA] and Rep. Lamar Smith [R-TX]. The bill wasn't marked up by the Judiciary Committee and hence didn't make it to the house floor of the 110th Congress. Various U.S. employers, education institutions, trade associations and many active Immigration Voice volunteers urged support from lawmakers for HR 5882.


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HR5882 scheduled for July 31

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