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State Chapters

What is a State Chapter?

AS IV is a grass roots organization, every member and every State plays an important role in IV. Each State has its members database and it is organized through various online groups - Yahoo/Google etc. The State Chapter members meet up often to discuss various issues - help in membership drive, media drive, advocacy drive, support/guide each other and form a social network. The State Chapter helps member in job search and socialization. It is a platform for IV members from various US states to pool their energies, meet fellow members from their state and towns, create local thought groups that organize activities to: generate awareness about IV’s objectives; grow IV membership; influence citizens and politicians to form an understanding of legal immigration problems and enlist support for legal immigration relief. This will enable members to build a local IV community where members can also share their experiences with local lawmakers, businesses, give ideas to each other for membership drives that are local in nature.

Role of a State Chapter Leader?

The chapter leaders are the liaison between members of their state and IV. They provide feedback to the Core IV team for strategy and planning; and then implement those plans with the help of their State Chapter Members. The Chapter leaders keep the members of their state involved, recruit more members and help organize activities and events. Chapter leaders that are active, motivated and demonstrate ability to lead get included in the core team with time and help the pioneers of IV lead the organization at the national level.

Why participate in State Chapter? Where to Start?

You are not alone in this painful wait for a Green Card! There is guidance and help available from the residents of your own State and IV. If you want to make a difference and make sure that you are heard then join your State Chapter. Please contact your State Chapter Leader and he/she will include you in the group.

Who is my State Chapter? How Can I contact him?

Click on the Link below to get the details of your State Chapter Leader-

Please email the following info to your State Chapter Leader--

First Name: Last Name Valid Phone Number: IV id: State:

How can I make a difference?

The strength of IV is in its numbers. We are a 35,000+ member organization and gathering momentum every day but each member's effort counts. YOU need to do your part to make sure that this effort is successful.

You can participate in lawmaker meetings, IV will provide guidance to you.You can also help IV by being a part of Media drive/ Newsletter drive/ Active volunteer/ Advocacy Drive. Please contact info[at] to volunteer your time/ submit ideas.

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