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Consulate Offices

Embassies of the world
Conslulate General of India in Houston
Conslulate General of India in Chicago
Conslulate General of India in New York
Conslulate General of India in San Fransisco
Embassy of India in Washington DC
Jurisdiction of Indian Consulates
US DOS - Travel specifics for India
Expiry and Renewal of the passport

Things dealing with USCIS

See Address Change Online.

Check processing times for all centers on all forms
How to open Service Requests
What is initial review
Validity of checks
Photo size
Finding USCIS approved Doctors in your area
INS Guidance on H-1 / L-1, EAD and Advance Parole

US Customs and Borders

Automatic Visa Revalidations Rule

I 94


Birth Certificate Issues


H1 Issues

Denial of H1 Transfer
H1B denial - Options
H1 status after AC21
Lost I94
Yellow Notice in H1 Interview
Laid off or Gaps in Employment See other threads
H1 Docs at POE
DOL Wage and Hour Division

Priority Date

Determining Priority Date

Labor Issues

Pay Rate
See Labor and Audits
OPT and Progressive Experience

I485 Issues

Docs needed to file 485
Direct Filing of AOS
Traveling in i 485 stage

I have multiple I-485 applications. What options do I have?

Multiple 485s and tips from immigration lawyers
See thread


When the PD is current, the IO will initiate the FP, Namecheck, IBIS check again when the AOS is in "Final Approval, Visa Available" state. Some IOs would just refresh the FP they have on file and some request another. But namecheck is something that must be done again. One of the reasons for delay can be because of namecheck as it can take a long time to clear. Check the right column which guides the IO

Already filed I-485 Date Is Current What to Expect

You had filed 485, the dates retrogressed and now you are current again. Congratulations!

Raising a Service Request, Infopass, contacting USCIS second level on phone, contacting your congressman for help:

Please DON'T DO any of this stuff. All these are meant to give you the current status of your application. By any means they will not help in speeding up the processing your application. For all of these, you will receive a reply with the current status 'under review', 'in que to get assigned to an officer' .... Nobody can say what order they process the cases, it could be as simple as say - you have 30 agents and 3000 cases become current this month so each agent gets 100 cases and they have 30 days to process them.

Please be patient and try not to worry toomuch about it for at least first 2 weeks. USCIS will approve most of the cases with 30 days (at least 90% cases). If your case is in not approved in 30 days, they may need additional information.

If you get passed at least 3 weeks, you may consider doing one of the above to know at least the status of the application. -samswas

If an I-485 applicant's priority date has been current for several months and there is no movement on the case, s/he should do further follow-up. S/he should contact his or her attorney to ask the attorney to do follow-up. Also, the applicant should schedule an InfoPass appointment to go to the local office to inquire about his/her I-485 with the current priority date. The I-485 applicant can also seek the help of the CIS Ombudsman as well as his/her Congressional representative. We file Mandamus cases to try to force a decision if the PD is current and there has been a long delay. If routine follow up isn't working, it may be worth considering a Mandamus case. -from murthy forum

EAD Renewals

Efiling EAD with USCIS
FAQ on EAD answered by USCIS

Conquering EAD Renewal Maze
60th day since receipt notice step
1) If EAD receipt notice > 60 days and your EAD will expire 2 weeks, get a letter from your HR that you will be terminated (some companies, terminate and rehire, so this is an option, but again if you think its risky don’t do it) and fax it or email it via your attorney to USCIS
70th day since receipt notice step
2) Contact your 2 State Senators and your representative. You can find who your congress person is from . You will need to write a request letter with your receipt number, notice & receipt dates, and alien number, current ead expiration date, sign the privacy release forms, copies of i-485 and i-765 application notices. Fax and mail it to them. Call to confirm they've received it the same afternoon or next day (you are usually assigned an immigration case worker at the office) 2a) Get a letter from your manager that this will be a financial loss to your company (if applicable) and FAX it to your processing center.
75th day since receipt notice step
3) a) Call USCIS at 1-800-375-5283 and give the applicable reasons. Only financial loss as the reason doesnt seem to work for some people, so have additional applicable reasons (close to 90 days, health insurance loss, emergency if you're losing your license). b) Write a letter to USCIS, and fax it to the above numbers. c) FedEX overnight the letter with supporting documents (can be done on the 74th day) d) email scanned documents to your service center
80th day since receipt notice step
4) Call USCIS back and ask them about your Expedite Request, Call your Senator and Congress persons offices to follow up
85th day since receipt notice step
5) Fix an INFOPASS appointment with the local office at for the 90th day
90th day since receipt notice step
a) attend the Infopass interview and have the IO call the service center. They don't issue interim EADs anymore, but can help with status check b) send an email to (more info at c) send another set of fax, letter, email and call USCIS saying its past 90 days (and that you're no longer working if applicable)
95th day or above - repeat all of the above!!!

Service Center Fax and Email Info
California Service Center: 1-949-389-8070 and 1-949-389-8689 and
Vermont Service Center : 1-802-527-4816 and
Nebraska Service Center: 1-402-219-6344 and 1-402-219-6171 and
Texas Service Center: 1-214-962-2632 and

AC21 Issues

USCIS answers AC21 questions
see also

AP issues

Traveling while I485 is pending
See Also

Financial Aid with AP

FAFSA aid and AP

Transit Visa for travel to India

See thread

When Dates are current or close to being current

Tip for people whose dates are current

Medical issues relating to immigrants/nonimmigrants

Dealing with high hospital bills

What options with COBRA insurance does someone have after job change/loss?

See thread

What options does someone have with Maternity Insurance

See thread

Legislative and Administrative Contact Info

How to contact local lawmaker office for your case?

Enter Zip code to find Legislators in your State

How can I post message to for President Obama's administration

See thread

Converting categories/status

Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status

From EB3 to EB2

Scroll down for Progressive Experience Info
EB3-EB2 Porting
Qualifying criteria for Porting
Conditions for EB3 transfer to EB2
Transferring priority dates

From H4 to H1

H4 to H1

How to choose a good immigration lawyer

First off, note that it doesn't matter where a lawyer is located. You'll almost never need to physically meet with a lawyer. Instead, you'll have phone consultations, use e-mail, and FedEx documents. Always ask for references and experience with cases similar to yours. Put everything in writing when you deal with lawyers. There are several search engines for immigration lawyers.

  • extensive information about lawyers
  • user ratings
  • doesn't list Murthy as an immigration lawyer
  • duplicate listings, e.g. for Sabagh

  • can search for Immigration sub-specialty, such as Business/Employment or Deportation/Removal
  • doesn't include Gotcher at all

  • the oldest search engine
  • doesn't list many of the most famous lawyers: Shusterman, Gotcher, Murthy, Rithizer, Kramer
  • can search by specialty, e.g. "Adjustment of Status" or "Investors"

  • old, primitive interface
  • can't search for specialties (e.g. imigration vs. real estate); can only search for last name or location
  • few reviews: doesn't include Paparelli, but does inlcude Gotcher

How can someone file a complaint against a lawyer in state bar?


Ask a Lawyer: Free Conference Calls

Aug 19,2010 Call Apr 26, 2008 [3]

How can someone file a complaint against an employer with the Department of Labor?

See RIGHTS OF H1B/REPORT ABUSE/REPORT FRAUD#How_can_someone_file_a_complaint_against_an_employer_with_Department_of_Labor.3F.

What options does someone have after layoff?

What is out of Status? What options do I have?

Practical Immigration Consequences for Foreign Workers in a Slowing Economy

Non Immigrants: 401K investment Social Security Medicaid

Medicaid & Social Security Contributions

What documents related to legal immigration documents are needed for drivers license?

What are repercussions of leaving employer after green card?

How can I get an RSS feed on the latest IV threads?

See thread

What is CIR?

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

Business Options

Starting a new company on H1

See also


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