Immigration Voice is proud to announce a very important milestone in its objective to eliminate backlogs in employment-based green cards and to bring relief to hundreds of thousands of highly skilled and highly educated workers waiting patiently and legally in the United States – the formation of the “IV Advisory Board”, comprising of some of the who’s who from the worlds of Law, Policy, Politics, and Industry. The reasons for the formation of this advisory board are numerous. But the single most important need is to influence the upcoming immigration debate. As is known, congress is working on the CIR draft bill and will take up CIR for debate. IV calls on its members to be more active, vocal, and influential, to make sure that IV provisions get into the base bill. IV is confident that the advisory board will enable them to do just that. IV has gathered many luminaries from different fields who have risen to the top of their profession and have been key players in the immigration debate.

Prakash Khatri, the ex USCIS Ombudsman himself and now a successful owner of his own consulting firm, provides strategic counsel on legal and policy issues on immigration. Greg Siskind, a highly experienced immigration attorney and founder of has played a leading role in advocating for a number of immigration-related bills over the last several years and has testified as an expert in front of the House Immigration Subcommittee. Robert Hoffman brings years of experience working as Legislative Director and Chief Advisor for Senators in Washington DC before being tapped as the Vice-President of Government and Public affairs for high tech industry stalwarts like Oracle Corp. and other companies. Neil Patel who has deep knowledge in economic policy and government affairs having worked in the Bush administration and has been a great help to IV in the past. Last but not the least, IV has Ilya Shapiro, who is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and brings with him years of academic and policy research and experience.

While making this announcement, Aman Kapoor, President and Founder of Immigration Voice said, “Formation of this advisory board is another testimony to our organization’s relentless efforts to reform skilled immigration in America. I am confident that this group will be able to shine its guiding light on IV’s path as we move towards a strong, secure, innovative, entrepreneurial, productive, prosperous, and resurgent America.” With this major landmark achievement, IV pledges to its members and every skilled worker legally waiting for his or her green card, that it will work relentlessly, and create an environment in America where global talent is welcomed and valued, creativity and competitive spirit is cherished and celebrated, and green card backlog is nothing but a fading memory of a seemingly distant past.