A member asked us, should we sign any petitions created online regarding the Modernization of High Skilled Immigration system?

Our Response:

This petition (and all such petitions) is not only a complete waste of time, but it severely hurts to make real progress. People tend to have a false belief that by clicking on a button to support such online petitions that they have done their share and everything that they could do is taken care of. The fact is – neither of this is true. No one who makes decisions looks at online petitions to determine what should or shouldn’t be done.

And second, people waiting for years in green card backlogs will need to get involved and speak to lawmakers and Administration if they want to see these issues addressed. More people need to step up and do their share if they ever expect anything to happen. If not, then it just means people in backlogs don’t care if they have to wait for years or decades, and so the system will not have enough energy to change by itself.
If anything was achievable through online petitions, then rather than hiring lobbyists, companies would have created separate departments or outsourced entire operations to click on online petitions to support or oppose their agenda. The fact that not a single business or any advocacy organization has invested to generate clicks for online petitions speaks volumes about the value of such petitions.

Please don’t waste your time on such petitions. Invest your time wisely because if anything, we all have limited time on this planet. And you may want to choose wisely how you spend your time.