Dear Friends,

You are probably aware that the most significant advocacy event is underway to ask Members of Congress to COSPONSOR #HR213 – Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2015, the bill to remove the per-country caps on employment-based green cards. During this event, we expect to have 350+ Congressional meetings with key offices.

In order to enhance the impact of these meetings, we will be posting information about some of the completed meetings here and on the forums. We would really appreciate if you could periodically check our Facebook page (or the forums) to find out the Congressional offices from your State where we need your help. And since this is time-sensitive, please make phone calls promptly to the specific offices from your State if you see us post message for your help. Please also engage with your friends and colleagues and ask them to pitch-in to call Congressional offices.

When calling the specific office of Member of Congress from your State, you could help make the following points using terminology you are most comfortable with:

I am a resident of [STATE_OF_YOUR_RESIDENCE].

Representatives of Immigration Voice just visited your office to request the Representative to consider COSPONSOR bill H.R.213.

I am calling from [STATE_OF_YOUR_RESIDENCE] to express my support and enforce the message requesting the Representative to give consideration for the request to COSPONSOR.

H.R.213 bill is a simple technical fix that addresses long backlogs spanning decades in employment-based green cards for tax paying law abiding skilled immigrants. The bill doesn’t add any new Immigrant visas to the system. The last time this bill came up for the vote in 2011 as H.R.3012 it passed 389-15.

I would like to be in touch and call back next week to inquire about Representative’s decision.

Thank You!

Please try to make this call as soon as we post on our Facebook page. Our Facebook page and forums will be updated periodically throughout the day on 15th and 16th June as meetings are conducted. In order to make sure your calls are made in a timely fashion, please check our Facebook page and forums frequently. This is a time-sensitive request and your active participation is key to making progress on this very important bill.

Thank you for your support,
Immigration Voice