We wanted to thank everyone that dialed into our call on Sunday. We think we covered a lot of areas in depth and tried to answer questions to the best of our ability. We look forward to having many more such events in the future. So stay tuned!

One of the key discussions we had was around gathering support for H.R.213, a lot of you asked ‘What can we do?”. IV Volunteers have worked very hard since the beginning of the year to add 61 co-sponsors to this bill. Over these months, our volunteers have collected support by working directly with Congressional offices in D.C. and in their local districts, by sharing stories of families, and creating a petition with actual physical signatures, and then hand-delivered them to the congressional office. A lot of us have come together to make this happen. And now, you too can get involved.

Let’s do this together and take H.R.213 past 100 Co-Sponsors.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Advocacy guide http://bitly.com/iv-advocacy-guide
    Very important. Only proceed to the next steps after reviewing this guide.
  • Register as Constituent http://bitly.com/iv-register-constituent
    Please first fill this form to register for this action item. This is important because as you are collecting constituent signatures in your district, there could be others from the same area that might decide to step-up and do their share to collect Signatures. If you register for this Action Item, we will match and connect you with other team members from your Congressional District. So when you go for a meeting, you will be able to carry Signatures that everyone in your local area would be able to gather.
  • Find your Representative http://www.house.gov/representatives/
    Locate the Member of Congress from your district and check if your Representative has cosponsored H.R.213. Here is the link to the list of current cosponsors for H.R.213 http://bitly.com/hr213-cosponsors
  • H.R.213 Constituent Letter to your Representative http://bitly.com/iv-hr213-constituent-letter
    This letter will be useful to explain the reason/cause for which you are seeking support and signatures from your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and other constituents. Please write the name of the Member of Congress and take printouts of this letter with you when asking for signatures from Constituents.
  • H.R.213 Constituent Signature Sheet http://bitly.com/iv-hr213-signature-sheet
    The Signature Sheet will be used to take the signature of the Constituents expressing their support for H.R.213 and urging the Representative of your district to Cosponsor H.R.213
  • H.R.213 Summary http://bitly.com/hr213-summary
    Schedule a meeting with the office of your Member of Congress from your district. This document will be useful when you go to any meeting regarding H.R.213. Please bring copies of the H.R.213 bill summary document and share these with the staffers.

If there are any questions, please post on this thread.
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