Dear Friends,

Recent media reports seem to suggest that the incoming Administration may consider proposals to repeal President Obama’s regulatory changes on immigration. This could include repealing good regulations like H4-EAD, Spousal Work Authorization.

A significant number of Immigration Voice members benefit from Spousal Work Authorization fix. We have first-hand experience of how in its first year of implementation this fix helped alleviate severe quality of life issues faced by spouses and families across the country. A lot of H4 spouses have started new startup businesses creating more jobs in America. Many have started practicing medicine or joined a residency program, providing healthcare services to hundreds and thousands of Americans.

It will be unfortunate if this regulation is repealed. Such an event will have severe impacts on the U.S. economy and it will have a devastating effect on the families who benefit from this regulation by either opening up their own business or by contributing to U.S. businesses.

We believe that all men and women are created equal and in a civilized society, we all have equal rights to earn our livelihood. Therefore, we are going to strongly oppose any proposals to repeal the common-sense H4-EAD regulation. However, we cannot do this without your help. We need your story to make a case. We need to know how the H4-EAD regulation benefits you and what will be the impact on you if it is repealed. Please lend your genuine stories at (link removed)

We encourage you to share this communication with anyone else you know who is impacted. Our goal is to gather at least 1,000 strong stories by December 31st, to make a strong case with the incoming Administration and lawmakers. Please do your share, it is extremely important in order to protect and preserve this common-sense regulation.

Thank you,
Immigration Voice