Dear Friends,
As you might be aware, we just finished a public call where we updated our members on the H4-EAD revocation by DHS and the latest status on H.R.392-The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017.
The highlights of the call and the specific action items were:
  1. We have received word that DHS is very seriously looking into changing the definition of “specialty occupation” for the purpose of H1-B and that DHS is looking into perhaps ending H1-B extensions after six years of H1-B visa. This is a new existential threat to those stuck in the green card backlog. Right now, we are merely trying to get ahead of this developing situation and trying to caution over 1.2 million immigrants so you have time to prepare and plan for yourself and your families.
  2. As shared earlier, DHS has issued the intent to modify the H4-EAD rule. We expect that the proposed rule will be made public in/prior to February 2018. In the meantime, we are weighing options on behalf of the community to make sure that folks on the main street are not deprived of their ability to provide for their families. To bring more media attention to our issue, we need your help to share your story. Please share your H4-EAD and/or Kids aging-out story (link removed). These stories will help underscore the overall issue and bring attention to the fact that the revocation of the H4-EAD will hurt our families.
  3. The fact is that the root cause of all these quality of life issues is Per-Country limits. This is why the bill H.R.392 is essential for everyone stuck in the backlog. We have suggested amending bill H.R.392 with a provision to add a fee of $1,000 for anyone who will benefit from this bill. This fix will help raise $4 billion over 10 years which will provide the much-needed revenue for any congressional priority, including border security, infrastructure, or, interior security. We have been working on this idea for a few months and we believe that this fix will help create more reasons for Congress to pass the bill H.R.392.
  4. We have come a long way with our bill H.R.392. The bill is now at a critical stage and it needs your full participation to make the closing argument and push it through the finish line. We need you to set up meetings with your House Representative and both your Senators Office in the district to deliver a specific message outlined in the advocacy guide. Please note that this is the most important action item right now.
We believe that if we manage to get H.R.392 done soon, we might be able to forestall the calamity that would befall upon us if 7th-year H1-B visa extensions were ended. This is because the whole purpose of a 7th-year H1-B extension is to allow the beneficiary to stay in the country to get a Green Card. With a multi-decade year-long wait, the beneficiary will likely never get a Green Card and the 7th year extension is moot. However, if the Per-Country limit bill passes and the green card wait times reduce to an estimated six years, it will help alleviate the underlying problem for the symptoms which require an H4-EAD, the definition of “specialty occupation” and/or the 7th year H1-B extension.
This is why it is most important, that while we try to address the symptom of the problem (the need for H4-EAD), we focus our attention on the per-country limits removal bill to make sure everyone is treated fairly and equally.
Finally, we would like to tell you that this is a dire situation and our community has not been acting very intelligently over the last few years. There is no more time for games, tweeting, Facebook posts, or online petitioning your way out of this current situation. If you are serious about doing something about the issues affecting you and your families, then please note that the bill needs old-fashioned face-to-face district level meetings with the offices of Members of Congress to move the needle on your issues.
Always remember that none of the 300+ Members of Congress decided to cosponsor our bill because of any tweeting or Facebook posts. So please use your precious time wisely. And focus on legitimate action items based on the advocacy guides that we share.
All your future depends on the bill H.R.392.

Immigration Voice