McClatchy has just come out with a story confirming that the Administration is considering rescinding the policy of H1 extensions after 6 years.

As we shared with our members earlier, there are bigger changes coming to the H-1B visa system for those waiting in green card backlogs.

As the year 2017 is drawing to an end, it is essential that folks plan and prepare for these upcoming changes, which could be devastating for over 1.5 million skilled immigrants and their families stuck in green card backlogs.

We ask everyone to take these upcoming changes very seriously and help organize NOW so we are prepared and organized to respond to these changes as they unfold in 2018.

We think getting H.R.392 done will be the first step towards averting this catastrophe. Please follow our advocacy guide to help yourself.

As we say goodbye to 2017 on this somber note, we are hopeful that we will be organized for a better tomorrow going into 2018. This is “crisis mode” as it relates to H1-B and high-skilled immigration overall. It’s time to unite. Please join our National Advocacy platform by following instructions on

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