Dear Friends,

As we have just shared with you in our recent Facebook post, we are continuing the work on our bill – the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act. We got very close to getting it done in the last Congress, but for the Government shutdown last year, our bill would be an act of law today.

However,  we are noticing a syndicate of partisan religious bigots, “consulting companies” and body-shops are trying to sabotage our bill with their shenanigans. The last time these forces were active in Washington, it caused our bill a major setback, and we had to spend many months going to various offices and other advocacy organizations making it clear that these partisan religious bigots had nothing to do with high-skilled immigrants represented by Immigration Voice or our bill.

It is a bad idea to be affiliated with partisan religious bigots, “Consulting Companies” and body-shops for many reasons. Getting anything done in Washington on the subject of Immigration requires bipartisan support. Having partisan hacks (of any political stripe) pretending to do anything on our bill will once again hurt our bill and will definitely cause more setbacks. Similarly, it is a bad idea to have our bill or issues be associated with religious bigots, where we will not just offend the other political party (which seems to be the goal of this syndicate of body-shops and bigots), but associating with bigots will offend decent people in both political parties. Needless to say, associating with these “Consulting Companies” and body-shops with shady business practices is not a smart idea either.

We have heard that this syndicate of partisan religious bigots, “consulting companies” and body-shops are planning a “rally” in the near future. We think this is an attempt to sabotage our bill and to make sure that our members continue to be indentured servants to their employers. Please, we request you, under no circumstances participate in any events by partisan religious bigots, “consulting companies” or body-shops.

In addition to partisan religious bigots, consulting companies, and body-shops, there is the threat posed by many other fake groups with no presence on the ground. We think these fake groups, are nothing but front organizations of body-shops and bigots. These fake groups have no insight into what is going on behind the scenes and have no idea how to make real progress on our issues. The danger posed by fake groups is they might attract many well-meaning folks who are working very hard and think they are doing the right thing. However, the reality is, without the right background information and professional guidance in Washington and hard work done with these fake groups can be to your own detriment. We don’t want the hard work of well-meaning folks like you to be wasted on ineffective efforts for the sake of stroking the egos of any one person or these bigots. We would prefer that your efforts be directed towards getting the bill done.

We believe we are very close to getting our bill done. Please don’t make our job harder by participating in any efforts led by partisan religious bigots, consulting companies, body-shops, or fake groups.

Please join us at and continue to follow us on Facebook. We will keep you posted as we make progress on our bill.

Immigration Voice