Dear Friends,

It is likely that later this week, the current Administration will pass Executive Orders (EO) to suspend the issuance of almost all new work visas until the end of the year. It is also possible that the Administration might issue Interim Final Regulations (IFR) to suspend work-authorization programs, including OPT. Although these changes will likely not immediately affect immigrants on visas already in the country, if you decide to travel outside the country, then it will be difficult to return to the country because Consulates are expected to remain closed at least until the end of the year.

For many months, we all have heard the rumblings about these possible upcoming EOs and IFRs. We believe that such actions are unfair, unjust, and in violation of current laws. Therefore, we have been preparing to file legal challenges against such EOs and IFRs. While we cannot say too much without tipping our hand, all we could say is, just like we fought to keep the H4-EAD program alive with our intervention in the ongoing lawsuit, where we thwarted a pre-planned settlement between the DOJ and Save Jobs USA, we are ready to do whatever is lawful and necessary to protect our members from any administrative action that appears more likely than not. In fact, we have spent the last few months preparing for this – with real lawyers who know how to win in court.

The upcoming EOs are expected to further constrain our members from traveling outside the country. However, the fact remains that due to the pandemic, traveling anywhere is already either not possible or extremely difficult. We would also like to underscore that when the EOs and IFRs are announced, you will hear a lot of unnecessary noise designed to distract you from our primary goal to pass the Fairness bill. Again, please know that we are already prepared to file legal challenges if the EOs and IFRs violate any existing laws.

Leading up to the release of EOs and IFRs, you will hear all sorts of misinformation and fake news/analysis which is often designed to create a diversion. For example, you might have noticed that some immigration lawyers have crawled out of the woodwork to claim and pretend to “help” us, specifically at-least one lawyer behaving distastefully in this video.

More specifically, we should caution that these shady lawyers will attempt to create a distraction by spreading fear psychosis in order to posture and demand money from our community. But the fact is that these slimy immigration lawyers have worked overtime to oppose the Fairness bill (S.386/H.R.1044) and to push policies just to keep you indentured to the same employers, forcing you to wait in the endless backlogs, so they can continue to line their pockets with yearly visa renewals.

We don’t want endless visa renewals; we want freedom and equality. Freedom to live up to our full potential, and equal treatment without any discrimination based on country of birth. We ask you – is it unfair to ask for freedom and equality? We don’t think so. In fact, if anything, there is nothing more important than to live free with dignity, than spend a lifetime as an indentured worker. But these lawyers and Senator Durbin think otherwise. The lawyers treat immigrants as fresh meat, just so they can line their pockets with our sufferings. And Senator Durbin uses immigrants as a punchline to demean and denigrate our contributions by labeling you as “cheap IT workers”. Rest assured, as soon as the EOs and IFRs are released, these lawyers and Senator Durbin will work overtime to shed crocodile tears blaming everything on Trump and Republicans.

Always remember the undeniable fact, there is one and only one member of Congress that is the reason why you are in endless backlogs, and that is – Dick Durbin from Illinois.

Durbin and his lawyer cronies assumed that the Supreme Court will strike down DACA, and then the entire focus would be on DACA, sucking out all the oxygen in the room. But now that DACA has been upheld, there is still some oxygen left in the room for other immigration-related issues.

That is why, these slimy lawyers have arrived on the scene almost on cue, attempting to hijack the debate by creating all sorts of distractions and diversion like “new organization for H4-EAD”, whereas the truth is that much of the work to protect H4-EAD has been underway for years. In the coming weeks and months, you will witness more such nonsense. That is why, you will all need to be smarter to see through this type of mischief to not let these slimy lawyers or media articles distract you from what matters, namely spreading awareness about Senator Dick Durbin’s bigotry and hate (as documented on ) and help us run advertisements by starting a recurring monthly contribution at And we will continue to run media ads on TV to create awareness about the Fairness bill and we will continue to highlight that Dick Durbin is holding up the Fairness bill to perpetuate his passive violence on Indian immigrants and their families.

In our opinion, these immigration lawyers’ function as human traffickers where they collect their “cut” every year for visa renewal, every time you change your employer or anytime you get a promotion, you must ask their permission. There is no doubt in our minds that these lawyers would love for you to be on an H1 visa forever and never get Green Cards or become US Citizens. This way, they get the double dose of lawyer fees of doing green cards for other countries and endless H1s renewals for you.

Additionally, lawyers have been opposing the Fairness bill by trying to obfuscate the issue and by attempting to target the blame at Senator Lee. Here is the truth – Dick Durbin had put his hold on the Fairness bill on October 17, 2019. Like we highlighted in our March 9, 2020 post, Senator Durbin started his negotiations with Senator Lee in November. However, Senator Durbin’s precondition to negotiations was that neither Senator Lee nor Senator Durbin could tell anyone about what they were negotiating. While Senator Lee kept his word, Senator Durbin leaked out information about the negotiation to every anti-immigrant group in the country. This meant that when Senator Lee and Senator Durbin ended their negotiations, Senator Lee had not been able to show the bill to any of his colleagues. Now, some of Senator Lee’s colleagues have very modest changes they would like to negotiate with Senator Durbin, but Senator Durbin refuses to continue any final negotiations to pass this bill because he does not believe that Indian immigrants deserve equality under the law and he believes he has found an excuse that will allow him some cover.

But the truth is, we know what happened, and we will not let Senator Durbin get away with being discriminatory toward Indians any longer. When Senator Durbin wants to pass a bill, he puts endless effort into negotiating to get a bill done. When he does not want to pass a bill and instead wants to delay, he does what he is doing now. Just ask him, “Senator Durbin, when was the last negotiating session either you or your staff have done on this bill?” The answer to this will prove our point.

In our message on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, we had already said out loud that because of his hate for Indian immigrants, Senator Durbin doesn’t want to reach an agreement on the Fairness bill. And he is proving us right. The truth is that the differences between the two sides are so minuscule, but Durbin rushed out of the negotiations pretending that he is the victim of his own hold on the Fairness bill.

We believe, that these “for-profit” racist lawyers, anti-immigrant groups, ethno-supremacy groups have all entered into an evil alliance with the “natural” racist Senator Dick Durbin and all the noise they are making is because the hateful Senator from Illinois reached out to them and asked them to distract you – so Durbin wouldn’t have to speak up to defend his racist behavior. Instead of doing the right thing, he wants to blame Republicans, for not passing the Fairness bill.

This is not a Democrat v/s Republican issue. Most other Democrats and Republicans in the House and the Senate support the Fairness bill. But it is only bigoted Dick Durbin who hates brown-skinned Indian immigrants and our families.

Hopefully, you are now able to see that Senator Durbin is using lawyers to distract you all from the disingenuous ways he has persistently stonewalled H.R.1044/S.386: Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act.

We really need you to wise-up and not fall into the diversions/traps created by lawyers and the racist from Illinois. Instead of wasting your time and money on these shady lawyers, you will be helping yourself far more by volunteering your time to create greater awareness about the bill and calling out Durbin’s bigotry at all possible opportunities (in person and on social media), and starting a recurring contribution at so we can get the word out about Durbin’s bigotry and FINALLY get our bill, S.386- Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants, PASSED.

Immigration Voice