Dear Friends,

It appears that Companies and Lawyers are up-to their old tricks again. They have introduced a bill to “recapture” those 80,000 Green Cards that were deliberately wasted by USCIS and are now attempting to pass the bill by Unanimous Consent – when they know very well that such a bill cannot pass by unanimous consent because it increases the number of Green Cards.

While you might not think of “recapture” as increasing immigration, any change in law that results in an increase in the total number of people getting Green Cards in a year, is viewed by people in Congress as an increase in immigration and there is simply no way such a provision can pass by unanimous consent.

You might soon be asked to call Senators who are blocking the bill to remove their hold – even though people asking you to do this know very well that such a provision cannot pass by unanimous consent. This is just an underhanded attempt by them to keep you indentured by deflecting the pressure on Companies and their friends in the Senate to advocate for real and meaningful relief – either in the budget reconciliation bill or through regular order.

If Companies and Senator Durbin are genuinely interested in providing you with relief, they can easily move a bill to increase Green Cards (ideally with per-country cap removal) through regular order, and it will pass. Alternatively, they can add sections 60002/3/4 from the House bill as we have been asking them to and the Parliamentarian has NOT opposed these provisions. But they will not help you, because their strategy is to pretend to work for “recapturing” 80K Green Cards, point to it for the next 20 years and they say “we tried” while you rot in the Green Card backlog for the rest of your life.

 It’s the favorite trick of Companies and Senators like Senator Durbin – first they create a bad situation for us, like not allow any relief for us and using us as collateral for relief to undocumented. Then they get our kids to age out. But then Durbin comes along, crying on the Senate floor wanting to help “legal” dreamers, and their front group starts a new organization to push for only that, wanting to be viewed as saviors. But then people forget that these same people are the ones responsible for creating this backlog and not allowing any relief for decades, holding you hostage.

This is the same story with this wastage of green cards. They first wasted these visas, and now they want to be viewed as saviors. These same bunch of charlatans are actually the real aggressors, but they want to be viewed as saviors

And that’s the true picture of all this. Therefore, we need our folks to keep the pressure on the real villain, which is Senator Durbin and not get distracted by these sneaky tactics.

Team IV.