Urgent Action Item
If you want the provisions to be added to the Budget reconciliation bill, then please IMMEDIATELY call Senator Durbin at (202) 224-2152

Senator Durbin has NOT sent the provisions of the House language provisions in 60002, 60003 and 60004 to the Senate parliamentarian. Other provisions are being discussed and refined to meet the requirements of the Senate parliamentarian. But if these provisions are not checked and refined to meet the criteria set by the Senate parliamentarian, then these provisions will be thrown out. And it will not make any difference even if the House passes these provisions.

So if you want these provisions to be included in the final bill, then you need to IMMEDIATELY call Senator Durbin’s Office at (202) 224-2152 to tell him that

1) Please ask Senator Durbin to send the language of Section 60002, 60003 and 60004 of the House immigration provisions to the Senate parliamentarian for review.

2) This language will raise over $15 billion over 10 years and should be included in the budget reconciliation.

3) Why hasn’t Senator Durbin already not sent this language to the Senate parliamentarian for her review?

4) Senator Durbin said that he supports legal immigrants, then why hasn’t he sent this language to the Senate parliamentarian when House is working to add it to the Budget Reconciliation bill?

5) Why is Senator Durbin against skilled immigrants and Indian immigrants?

6) Once the reconciliation bill passes the house, will Senator Durbin ensure that he will not derail these critical provisions in section 60002, 60003, and 60004?

7) If the Senate bill does not contain this provision we will be holding Senator Durbin responsible because we are aware of his antipathy towards helping legal immigrants and Indian Americans.

8) He has not once said he is in favor of this language nor has he committed to defending this language and so we know exactly where he stands unless he changes his actions to do otherwise.

9) Please tell Senator Durbin to not hate Indian American immigrants 

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