For those of us who understand the process, we know that we live in the participatory democracy. However, we also know all too well that nothing happens by itself even in a democratic system.

Just because something is wrong, doesn’t make it necessary that it shall change. That’s how the participatory democracy is supposed to function so people who want to see the system change have to work towards that change to make themselves deserving of the change they seek.

Likewise, just because we are being treated unfairly and we are being exploited by the employers and immigration lawyers, it is not sufficient for the system to change by itself. And only those who make themselves deserving of the change will be able to improve the conditions of their lives so they are not exploited and can live free.

If you want to make yourself and your family members deserving of equal treatment and fairness, then let us show you how, because we know a way, which is tried and tested, and it works. It works because the proof is that we have been able to get the bill through the House and the Senate in the past.  Our opponents insisted the bill will never pass the Senate and the House, but we made it happen with our strategic grassroots efforts! With your help, we can do that again so the President could sign it into law.

Over the past two years our grassroots volunteers were actively engaged in advocacy but were constrained by the pandemic to phone calls and virtual meetings. With your efforts, H.R. 3648 – Equal Access to Green cards for Legal Employment (EAGLE) Act of 2021 was introduced with bipartisan support by Representative Zoe Lofgren and Representative John Curtis. The bill already received a hearing and it is marked-up in the House Judiciary Committee. The next step if the vote on the House floor and then the vote in the Senate.

Our members have been asking us “Can we do more to get H.R. 3648 passed into law”?. With the constraints on in person meetings due to the pandemic lifted, we can now tell you “Yes, you can do so much more!” As we expect the bill to come to the House floor for a vote, we need our grassroots to step up and make their voices heard.

Many of our members have been raring to take their advocacy to the next level. That time is now! One of the most impactful tools in advocacy is the face-to-face meetings with your Congressional members and their legislative staff in Washington D.C.

Immigration Voice will hold its first public Advocacy event of 2022 on June 12-14 in Washington D.C. We expect to have over 350 Congressional meetings to push for turning this bill into law. We invite you like minded interested members who care for the passage of this bill to our 3-day Advocacy event. At this event you will learn from experienced advocates who will provide you with tools and training to effectively advocate for the passage of the bill. You will also learn the behind-the-scenes intricacies about the bill’s progress from experts. Even if you have never participated in the past, you can change, and you can and should speak for your family.

This is an opportunity to advocate for yourself and the community! Go to and register for the event. The password for the form is 7100713697002858

Also –

Please make sure to join our national advocacy platform on Telegram with hundreds of other Immigration Voice members from across the country to organize and coordinate local activity and get critical insights and updates about the advocacy efforts on the Hill.

Please go to for information on the bill and guidance on how to advocate effectively for you and your family. See you in Washington, D.C.!

We look forward to meeting you in Washington DC on June 12-14 and walking with you shoulder to shoulder to create a more just and fair system.

Thank you!

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