Please call the following offices & deliver the below message:

I support Eagle Act – bill HR3648 because it makes the system equal
It is un-American to have an immigration system that treats people differently based upon their country of birth.

Rep. McGovern (202)-225-6101
Rep. Clyburn (202)-225-3315
Rep. Nadler (202)-225-5635
Rep. Norma Torres (202)-225-6161
Rep. Ed Perlmutter (202)-225-2645
Rep. Raskin (202)-225-5341
Rep. Mary Scalon (202)-225-2011
Rep. Joe Morelle (202)-225-3615
Rep. Mark DeSulnier (202)-225-2095
Rep. Debra Ross (202)-225-3032
Rep. Joe Neguse (202)-225-2161

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Call Rep. Norma Torres
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Call Rep. Raskin
Call Rep. Mary Scalon
Call Rep. Joe Morelle
Call Rep. Mark DeSulnier
Call Rep. Debra Ross
Call Rep. Joe Neguse