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The primary purpose of Immigration Voice’s Telegram Groups is to discuss (non-virtual) advocacy related action items around the removal of per-country caps. Only folks who are genuinely interested in shoe & leather advocacy should join. You will find a lot of folks that are in the same boat as you and are working hard on a local level to complement IVs efforts in DC.

If you are only interested in updates, follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page, subscribe to our Newsletter and join the Telegram Alerts Channel.

But if you are willing to step outside the virtual world and do meaningful things in your congressional district &/or state, then keep reading and follow all of the instructions listed below. The Immigration Voice Bot can help you with this and add you to the IV group.

  1. Fill out this CONSTITUENT form before proceeding further
  2. Visit FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE to find your Congressional District (state (ST) & district (DT)) using your residential zip code.
  3. In the telegram app (download it here), update your profile as directed below. This will help everyone to easily connect with constituents from a particular state & district if & when needed for specific action items related to that District.Example: If your name is Albert Einstein and you reside in zip code 11203, according to FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE, this makes you a resident of the 9th Congressional District of New York.—> Open Telegram app
    —> Open Settings
    —> Click Edit
    —> Enter “Albert Einstein” in the first name field and “NY09” in the last name field – without quotation marks

Click here to view an example of how your telegram profile should look like

FIRST Name field of Telegram profile should display your FULL REAL Name – Aliases are NOT allowed

LAST Name field of Telegram profile should only have 4 characters – 2 characters of your state (ST) abbreviation and the 2 digits of your district (DT) without any spaces or parenthesis or dashes or quotation marks as shown in the example above.

When looking for someone from a particular congressional district, if you were to just type @stdt, in the message field, a list of names matching that criteria pops up. But if folks have “, -, () or even space this doesn’t work. When you have more than 100 members who follow this protocol, managing things becomes much easy for everyone.

Once you are done with submitting your information on the Join Us page and verifying your email, you can talk to the Immigration Voice Bot here to add you to the IV National group.

Thank you
Immigration Voice

PS: From time to time non-compliant folks may be temporarily removed from IV Telegram groups – you can add yourself back, but keep in mind that you will only be able to do so a certain number of times before a permanent ban kicks in.

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